Specialty Lighting Industries manufactures high-end lighting solutions for the world’s most demanding clients. The custom Supertex lenses are heat-resistant and water-clear, bathing your room in full and even sheets of light, free from any brightness or glare. All of SLI’s fixtures are flawlessly finished and minimalist in design; they blend in so that everything else stands out.

SLI is found anywhere good light matters: in ballrooms and boardrooms, Harrah’s or Hermes, from Ferragamo to the Frick. SLI creates an environment that complements your space and completes your room.

Since its inception, Specialty Lighting Industries has provided innovative lighting solutions for leading hotels, corporations, retail shops, private residences, galleries and museums.

Graffiti Solution


The new Graffiti fixtures provide cost effective LED lighting solutions. As the creative spirit of its name implies, Graffiti systems provide all the quality SLI has grown famous for over the last 25 years, but at reduced lead times, affordable price points and innovative technologies that will liberate your creative flair.

Graffiti offers flexibility for many applications such as:

– TYPE –
Fixed or Adjustable

Round or

– TRIM –
Flange or Flageless

– BEAM –
15″, 24″
and 38″

Citizen, Ambient
Dim or Xicato

IC or
Non IC

Standard, Lutron
and EldoLED

Product Areas

Picture Lights