The Precision Lighting miniature accent lighting range consists of 4 product families providing a mixture of recessed, surface mounted and minipoint mounting options:

Stacko – the newest addition to the range, with interchangeable luminaires utilising the minipoint system, revolutionising display lighting by providing a lighting kit for endless lighting scheme adaptations.

Pico – The largest (but still small!) luminaires of the range with a punchy output of 168lm. Available in surface, minipoint and stem mounting. Also available with our award-winning zoom technology!

Atto – Efficient, adaptable and multiple award-winning. The smallest of the range outputting a massive 102lm from just 1.1W! Available in surface, recessed and minipoint mounting.

Minimo 1 – A long time museum and gallery favourite, Minimo 1 offers flexibility from a small diameter in tilt, fixed and Eye versions. With the same output as Pico, Minimo 1 maximises output from a miniscule footprint.