Rambusch is a 4th generation family operated firm and is a well established company of designers, artists, artisans, craftspeople, and skilled metal workers. For over 120 years, they have worked with the design community on some of the most iconic projects around the country that enhance the experience of interior architecture through engineered and decorative lighting, liturgical furnishings, stained glass, mosaic and art work. Their heritage is their dedication to the visual environment.

With their studio conveniently located in Jersey City, Rambusch is very accessible to work with you on standard or custom designs from the simple to the complex. Their team can help navigate the process of an historical restoration, or the replication of new fixtures to match existing. They can work with you in the creation of a totally new design from concept to fabrication in traditional, transitional, contemporary or any design vocabulary as well as architecturally integrated technical light solutions in high color rendering, energy efficient LED.


Engineered Lighting

Custom Lighting

Liturgical Design

Furnishings / Art Work