Heper Lighting Outdoor

Email campaign: March 23rd, 2021

Flexible • Affordable • Customizable • Smart City Capable • Camara’s • Motion Sensing • Wifi • Charging

We are delighted to announce that Light Abilities is now representing HEPER USA. With the addition of HEPER, we will be expanding our offering of architectural outdoor lighting products including light columns, pole-tops, bollards, floodlights, in-ground and surface mount façade lighting products, handrail fixtures, roadway and tunnel lighting fixtures, aluminum poles and more. All in high CRI LED and a wide range of optical control. Cut-off, Full-cut-off and Dark Sky Compliant. Superior on center spacing.

With contemporary design and innovative optics, HEPER is a highly reputable outdoor lighting brand with European roots and serving the industry for over 25 years. With their US subsidiary HEPER USA, based in Wisconsin, HEPER also has been actively serving the US lighting community.

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