Our LED Indoor Solutions

Email campaign: January 31st, 2018

Tell us your indoor lighting challenge and we will help find you a solution.

We can assist with: custom design of any application, technical lighting, galleries, museums, retail, atriums, institutional, sconces, ceiling mount, pendant, recessed, floodlighting, decorative solutions, architectural solutions, step lights, illuminated railings, tape light, wall washing, wall grazing, low voltage lighting, RGB, RGBW, RGBL, tunable white, high CRI, niche, cove, shelves, closets, artwork, vanity, steps, bars, wall, pendant, floor, table, track, recessed, surface, ADA, controls, color-changing, metals, fabric, value-engineered, dedicated LED modules, LED retrofit, dimmable, custom color, tilt, rotate, movable heads, snap, select your own cladding, shower trims, wood trims, corner trims, 2″ trims, wall washers, accent, dim to warm, ambient dim, tunable white, optics, spot, flood, DMX, DALI, ELDO, HI-LUME, 0 to 10V, install from below and retrofit.